Poem about Culture and Late Prof Nsibambi heir decision

Heiress Rhoda
In whom Nsibambi entrusted,
Tradition, wealth and family,
Legally received with fortune,
Tradition despised thee

In a primitive culture,

You’re heiress under looked,
Enslaved with gender stereotypes,
Invalidate your Father’s will.

Heiress unanimously protested,

Because of your sex,
A nephew Heir  traditions propose,
On a decision Nsibambi willingly made.

Clan leaders hold meetings,
Your father’s choice is opposed,
Null and void is called,
Arguing, it’s against cultural norms.

Since when shall tradition,

Transform to modernity?
When girls shall have succession rights,
Rise from disparity darkness to equality.

Rest eternally Prof Nsibambi,

A trend – setter against violation,
Of women’s succession rights,
Appointing Rhoda your Heiress.

Even though lying in your grave,

Your candle still burns,
Lighting the hearts of activists,
Grimmering ways for feminists.
By Leonard Kamugisha Akid
0706640016 / 0785987220 / 0792869229
Twitter: @AkidaParrots
Fb: Akida Parrots
       Leonard Kamugisha

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