Police arrests Anti-Ukraine war protesters in Kampala

Members of the self-styled Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda addressing the press in Kampala Friday

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


The Police in kampala have arrested some youth activists calling themselves Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda, who were protesting against the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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The group says that the war in Ukraine has affected other world economies.

They started their peaceful demonstration at New Taxi Park Kampala carrying placards with protest messages against the Ukrainian war accusing leaders of keeping dumb while other countries are suffering economically. The youths demand that leaders should speak beyond their voices and condemn this war.

The group led by Alex Makanga also said that they are fed up with endless execuses by the government that the current inflation and high cost of living and commodity prices are due to the war in Ukraine.

Prior to their arrest, the group first addressed the media where they stated that they are living in misery, starving and cannot afford life not even affording to buy chapatti because of the escalating prices of commodities.

The committee also noted that the frequent increase of fuel prices has affected prices of other basic commodities like food resulting into high cost of living

Some of the youth who were arrested in Kampala today

Since April, fuel prices have been drastically increasing henceforth affecting prices of other commodities which has caused inflation in the country.

Government of Uganda had previously pledged to lower fuel prices by August, unfortunately, upto now there are no signs of fuel price reductions

In his last nations address toward the end of last month, President Yoweri Kaguta Museven advised Ugandans to be frugal on spending. Alternatively, the President noted that the country was to resort to using electric buses and trains in order to dodge high fuel costs

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