Police launches manhunt to uknown assailant for allegedly beheading 7-yr-old boy in Kiira region


Police in Kiira region is hunting for an unidentified man for beheading a 7yr old boy on Wednesday evening in a suspected ritual murder case.

The deceased, Abdullah Weyeye, a resident of Kagoma gate village in the Kakira town council in Jinja district was killed at about 6 pm.

Weyeye was reportedly grazing cattle with 5 other boys when his assailant attacked and chopped off his head with a machete before vanishing into thin air.

The group was grazing cows at their usual spot within the green belts of Kakira sugarcane plantation when the incident happened.

Abby Ngako Kira Region Police Spokesperson Courtesy Photo

The other boys who survived told police they couldn’t identify the killer because Weyeye was grazing ahead of them when he was attacked.

One of the boys however claims that the man had been trailing them for close to 30 minutes and they didn’t pay any attention to him.

“this time around, a man who seemed to have followed us for close to 30 minutes got hold of Weyeye in his neck area, chopped off his head before seeking refuge in the sugarcane plantation,” he said.

The deceased’s father, Lazalo Wabumba says that he was notified about the incident around 6:30 pm and they tried to search for the suspect in vain.

Abbey Ngako, the Kiira region police spokesperson, says police is treating it as a case of child sacrifise.

He sasys police has sent out teams to track down the suspect as investigations continue.

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