Political virgin appointed Somalia’s Prime Minister.


Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has appointed political virgin Mohamed Hussein Roble as the country’s premier replacing Hassan Ali Khaire who was voted out of office after failing to organize Democratic elections.

President Abdullahi’s office on Thursdau wished Roble “to take duties and tasks ahead with diligence”.

The appointment follow moments after government brokering an agreement with regional leaders for elections next year that abandons a promised one-person, one-vote model.

Somalia had earlier reached a decision to hold her first-ever Democratic polls ” One man, One vote” strategy but on Thursday, the parties agreed to break this pointing out delays which may be caused by voter registrations, the fear of Al-shabaab military fighters among others.

The brokerage gives President Mohamed, alias “Farmaajo” an opportunity to run for a second term as president when polls are held.

Robles replace former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, who was voted out of office by parliament in July for failing to pave the way for fully democratic elections due before February 2021.

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