Premier League is back, how still relevant is “taking a knee?”

Taking a knee in football


“The activism against racism just like other social causes like feminism has been hijacked by mainly the left wing politicians,” Modern Muhereza

Alot of sensationalism always comes along with sports especially the English premier league that rates highly in this country. After quite many months without a glimpse of live Score cards on Cable TV, premiere league is back on the TV screen. This obviously brings a certain fizzy and ambiance in Kampala due to a number fanatics it has. However, alot have changed in sports especially over the last decade from Introduction of VAR technology, modification of Fifa rules to the introduction of social and political activism.

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Since 2020, Premier League management reached a decision for players to take a knee as an activism gesture against racism in the world. This came after the murder of George Floyd, a black man by white police cops alleged to be racist cops and upto now the gesture still runs on despite having criticisms from some sports stakeholders including black players like Wilfred Zaha of Crystal Palace.

It should be noted that this gesture emanated from the civil rights movement era and its doyens like Martin Luther King used to take a knee during their activism activities.
But is taking a pathetic knee still relevant as an act of combating racism?.

Racism in the US has been going on for decades. The year between 1954_1968 during the civil rights movement, systematic racism was deeply entrenched in America’s political, social and economic spheres. Today, what we consider as the basic human rights like voting, employment, education etc were a previlage. Thanks to the civil rights movement that a great transformation has been evidenced that now blacks in the USA have the same basic standard rights as whites.

However, the activism against racism just like other social causes like feminism have been hijacked by mainly the left wing politicians. They seek to manipulate this cause to progress there narcissistic agendas through one way. Keep these blacks in the Plantation of victimhood. With the help of the presstitute media as their great propagandist tool, they depict a picture of blacks being inferior. They sponsor movements like black lives Matter.
They want to keep the black race in a victimhood mentality through what they are calling woke campaigns.

What is being woke? being woke is being conscious that some white fella over there looks at you as inferior and so you are. To them every black man is a victim and that’s why when black players in the premier league refuse to take a knee, then they are in support of racisim and they are totally lambasted.

The Civil rights movement achieved most of the equality and rights we wanted so the black man has no excuse to excell. Of course, we cannot neglect the isolated cases of racism by some whites but let’s refuse to stay in the Plantation of victimhood and that’s how we shall overcome racism.
By Modern Muhereza, the author is a columnist at Parrots UG.

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