Public cautioned against fraudsters 

Police Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga.


By Tracy Acen Oiko

The rampage at which fraud cases are being reported at police is alarming. The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga mentioned today (August 1st) that these cases might be on a high increase rate because of the dire state of the economy.

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Many of the cases reported are of telephone scammers and fraudsters who have devised very clever ways of duping their victims. Some of these ways include using land lines and other fraudsters impersonate as employees of different agencies.

While speaking to the press at Police Headquarters in Naguru, Enanga said that the Directorate of CID and The Joint Intelligence Components; CMI, CAI and ISO are aware of the telephone scams.

He also said that some fraudsters are sophisticated scammers and impersonate employees of legitimate mobile network operators like MTN, Airtel to use the on going promotions to dupe genuine clients.

“We want to urge the public not to engage with such callers, not to return the calls and also not to share their personal information with the callers,” Enanga advised.

He warned that once a caller tries to create urgency or cause panic, it is important for one to take a moment to think before adhering or giving out personal information because only criminals do so.

Further more, Enanga said that a task team has been created to investigate these kind of subscriber frauds in order to dismantle the network of criminals who obtain personal information by photocopying other people’s extra copies of national IDs and register new SIM cards without the knowledge of the ID owners.

For any cases of fraud, please call the National Operations Command Center on 0707600773, 0776999135 or 0800199699










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