Question my nakedness when you have a bigger closet, Sheilah Gashumba.


City female socialite Omuvandimwe Sheilah Gashumba is at it again this time engaged in cold beef attacking her online for indecency.

Social media users particularly on Twitter and Facebook have hitherto attacked the social media photogenic slayer for uploading pix of herself donning in bikini clothes almost in Eve’s suit.

As motor mouthed as the father, Sheilah could neither accept the advices nor keep her lips zipped but in stead hit back at attackers always questioning her nakedness.

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“Anyone who doesn’t have a Closet as big as mine isn’t allowed to ask me why i post bikini photos by the pool or beach I’m tired of comments like ‘why are you always naked’ first of all, i have more Cloths than you so you can’t ask me such nonsense!!,” the Omuvandimwe blasted.

She boasted that questioning her decency should only be a question of persons with Passports and Visas unlike the life time sadits making loudest noise online.

“Lockdown got people made about having a big Closet😂😂i would hate to be sad like some of you are😂since y’all are going mad about bikini photos, next time lend me your jeans so i can wear them at the pool!! Until them,leave issues of travellers to those with passports and visas.”

The single parent raised daughter is known for her digital influence powers; and her TV personality among others notable achievements.

For anyone to comment about this Muvandimwe’s bikini photos, you should first ensure that your closet is bigger than what she owns in her father’s house.

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