RDC, Police in spotlight over rise in defilement cases.


Residents in Masheruka Sheena district have turned the spotlights on the startling rise in defilement cases to the RDC and the police who have made it a habit to arrest and release without trials the perpetrators.

In a village meeting held in Nyakumbu Masheruka, residents accused the RDC, police of releasing suspects of defilement cases without conducting any thorough investigations something that has escalated the number of cases in the district.

Angry residents cited out a one Godfrey Katorobo a reknown suspect of defiling minors whom they have severely reported to authorities but to their surprise surprise he is always set free.

The meeting follow moments after a teenage (identity undisclosed) presented signs of pregnancy and upon interrogations she revealed it was Katorobo a reknown perpetrator who impregnated her.

Harriet Kyosimiire, a mother and resident alleged that its not once or twice when they reported the matters to police and RDC’s office however, everything seemed they were writing on running water.

The Sheena district RDC Frank Kyereere who was in the same meeting could neither deny nor admit the allegations. He appealed to parents to immediately report defilement cases to the nearby police and ensure the proof of the facts by medical specialists.

These could neither lend him an ear to listen nor wait to see his response as they walked away in a group of two to five people, group after the other  immediately when he (RDC) stood to speak.

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