Ronaldo’s Rare celebration , it’s Origin and implication


By Isaac Akugizibwe,

When Ronaldo first joined English Premier league record winners Manchester United, he was a young man full of skill and rhythm for greatness. He never had a unique celebration of goals even when he left for Real Madrid in 2009 until he met premier league rivals chelsea in USA.

Every time Ronaldo scores, he runs to the corner flag,jumps in the air and turns around his body before opening his hands in a a very unique style after which he lands. This celebration is known as ‘Siiii’ celebration. It was born in USA in 2013.

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During his first spell at Manchester united and the first three years at Real Madrid Ronaldo had a very common celebration style.You could see number .7 roaring to the heavens, arms outstretched (Portsmouth, 2008) or the ‘who, me?’ shrug (Sporting Lisbon, 2007) but nothing millions of kids worldwide would regularly reproduce in the school playground.

The origin of Ronaldo’s iconic goal celebration is quite illogical despite the move taking on a diversity of meaning among fans in recent years especially with the 36 year old establishing himself as one of the greatest players of time, scoring and winning prestigious prizes.

His celebration,”siiii” can be traced way back in 2013 when he scored against chelsea in a pre season match in USA.
” I was in the USA and we played against chelsea and I don’t know where this is coming from,the celebration. Cristiano told reporters in 2019.

” I just scored the goal and it just came was just Natural,to be honest. Since that time I started to do it more often and I feel like the supporters and the fans see it and they’re like,’Cristiano. Siiiiuuuu’.

” I’m like wow! People are reminded of me because of it! So it’s good, and I will continue doing it like that.” He promised.

Ever since a man described by commentator Peter Drury as a moving work of art had a unique celebration named ‘Siiiii’. Several commentators find it delightful. They often shout; Ronaldo finds the net,runs to the corner flag. Facing the crowd,he then leaps in the air, turning 180 degrees in the process. On landing,now looking out at the rest of the pitch,he adopts a power of stance,stretches out his arms and shouts ‘Siiiiiii’.

How the ‘Siiii’ celebration has no much meaning apart from being a personal style of expressing joy and happiness. Ronaldo himself admitted that it just natural.

His ‘Siiii’ celebration is often used in video games and Cristiano has increasingly become accustomed to it, celebrating his goals in his own unmatched prowess.

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