Self centred NRM mobiliser Sipapa under arrest.


KAMPALA: The self styled Kampala NRM mobilise and renown money laundering king Charles Olim popularly known by his socialite name “Sipapa” is under arrest and detained at Special Investigations Unit SIU Kireka, a Kampala suburb.

Credible sources have it that Sipapa was arrested on Friday evening taken to Kira road police station on yet undisclosed charges charges.

It is alleged that he was arrested on charges of illegal possession of fire arms and money laundering.

Sipapa whose name is not new on the walls of Kampala city is remembered of his continued institution of arms at the National Unity Platform security personnel at the party headquarters in Kamwokya Kampala during the recently concluded elections.

Last year, former Kampala central MP aspirant Fred Nyanzi aka Chairman Nyanzi filed a case against Sipapa at Kira road police station accusing him of illegal possession of fire arms but he was never apprehended.

This has raised debates among the public domain who allege Sipapa May have been arrested on similar accusations.


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