Sheema South MP- elect Prof. Mushemeza assault case dismissed


Court on Tuesday dismissed a case in which Sheema south MP elect Prof. Elijah Mushemeza Dickens is accused of assaulting a woman.

Court sitting in Kagango heard that Mushemeza assaulted Ninsiima Judith, a resident of Kasana and confiscated her mobile phone.

The same court had earlier tasked Ninsima to make an additional statement and present it to court after she asked to sort their issues outside court.

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However court dismissed the case yesterday immediately after she (Ninsiima) submitted her additional statement.

Embattled Mushemeza is still battling other charges of assault committed in Februaru when he allegedly assaulted another a business woman a one Nice Mugumya in Kitagata town, Sheena district.

Prosecutions mentioned that Elijah Mushemeza and his driver attacked the complainant and caused harm on her while she survived injuries on her body.

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