Should Bobi Wine face crucifixion for fleeing his children to USA?


A section of Social media users on Wednesday expressed angers at the acts of the presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine for fleeing his children to the US after what he calls anticipated state attacks on his family.

A lot of questions have been raised against the Ghetto gradiator and the members of his National Unity Platform (NUP) or People Power, whatever name you call it so long as it ddoesn’t lose its fragrances, many criticizing him of selfishness on the life of his children while the lives of the innocent supporters who rally behind him continue facing security and State political threats!

Whoever is making negative criticism against the flees does so out of malice and ignorance! My opinion. Put yours right.

At a time when the country has faced the wrath of the security on supporters of Kyagulanyi, and himself, kidnaps and illegal detentions of human rights activists, journalists, and other individuals suspected to sideline with the opposition  groups in the country, isn’t worth securing the lives lives of individuals whose lives are at the highest risks of state killings!

With this in minds, “Should we crucifyBobi Wine for fleeing his children to the US?” This still triggers my mind. I don’t want to question the Civil Aviation Authority staff for leaking the travel details of Kyagulanyi family. Hope they will revise Article 27 of the constitution and learn how not to infringe into one’s privacy but rather protecting it. Other passengers might not be safe in your hands!!

Whereas everyone is busy attacking Kyagulanyi for sending his family abroad amid the struggle, we seem to have forgotten about the whole long 1981 tales of Janet Kataaha Museveni & Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Nairobi & Sweden, while Ugandans in Luweero and other parts of the country mourned the lives of their dear ones which the rebels; Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his juntas mercilessly finished.

Having lost the 1980 elections with only one legislator in the Parliament, Hon. Chrispus Kiyonga representing Rwenzururu, the then youthful leader Yoweri Museveni couldn’t concede defeat but rather claimed election riggings in the exercise. He had announced a guerrilla war against Dr. Obote’s gov’t even before election exercise.

The chap had anticipated his loss but as the English author say: “A poor man brags his penis no matter how small it is!” Museveni went a head claiming victory and took up the anger into the bush to overthrow the UPC government.

In 1980, Museveni opted to fleeing his family to exile having anticipated threats against his family and therefore had to take charge of their safety. Historicals recall the scenarios at the Kireka roadblock where Museveni and his family narrowly survived assassinations when they were rescued by Gen. Salim Saleh and Afande Rweigyema.

It was by luck that Gen. Saleh overheard the UNLA commanders giving execution orders, and he ran to their rescue. Its on record that on the escape day, part of the family was smuggled out through the Busia border. I’m doubtless some lives at the border were lost! Janet Kataha Museveni was got off the plane and hidden in office because adui (an enemy) Chris Rwakasisi was using the same plane. There was fears he would spy on to them.

In February 1981, Yoweri Museveni successfully launched his guerrilla war against Dr. Obote’s government. Janet Kataha, and the children had relocated to Nairobi, Kenya where they lived with family friends until 1983. In 1983, they fled to Gutenberg, Sweden and returned in 1986, four months after the Museveni and his NRA rebels had seized powers. The rest is history!

Its so discrediting listening to government officials misleading the hungry youth for a fundamental change that Kyagulanyi is betraying them by sending his children to United States ofAmerica, sacrificing them (supporters) to brutalities, death and other firms of political insecurities.

If we were to blame betrayal on any political supporters, then we would start with President Museveni. His family was at the peace of their mind while our ancestral fathers suffered his rebellious acts in land.

Bobi Wine while clarifying on the issue of fleeing his children to the US he revealed that he has credible information on the state conspiracies to cause harm against him, his wife and children. Wasn’t this a brilliant move worth doing! Ante foretold is forewarned!

“I have credible information that the regime had planned to kidnap my children in order to coerce me into subjugation,” Kyagulanyi said during g an interview with the media.

For many times, we have seen the state  using its Taxpayers funded security rage acts of impunity on the person of Kyagulanyi. First was disabling his musical career by blocking all the concerts he planned. A number of musicians, events promoters sideling with him were induced by the state to talk Ill hoping to kill his career. This was after the regime miscalculations that he got political funding through music.

He resorted to holding abroad and online concerts. Thanks be to the novel corona virus pandemic lockdown that has left most of these artists toothless sharing same pains of no live concerts!!

The second move was to slap stage managed cases against Kyagulanyi. You all must be aware of the 2018 Arua saga. The gun, treason case and how they died into the air. Mpozi! Where is the car whose window screen was pyuuiiii!

August13, 2018, was the most dreadful day in the People Power group. Yasin Kavuma, the driver to Kyagulanyi was shot dead in Arua where MPs Kyagulanyi, Francis Zaake Butebi and other people power members had gone to campaign for Hon. Kassiano Wadri – for the Mp  Arua Municipality by election.

Cold blood murders have since hit the Kamwokya group but have not given up. Who doesn’t recall the controversies surrounding the death of Ritah Nabukenya, Dan Kyazze, now Frank Ssenteza and others? Till date, police has not issued a report about the causes of these deaths.

Have we even forgotten about the Grenade that was thrown at Kyagulanyi’s home and the home of Hon. Allan Ssewanyana, Makindye west MP, during the 2017 Anti- Age limit Bill saga?

All these were meant to kill the spirit in the people power / NUP party. Batuzaala N’ensobi naye twafuka ensonga!! The courageous Bobi Wine once sang.

The then Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Emilian Kayima could not deny the acts but in defense said they were man made hand grenades. Who threw them and the intentions are by today still under police investigations! Hahahahaaahaa!! Waiting for a police report.


I laughed at the son of former president Tito Okello –  Lutwa as the hospitable Gandas called him.

The dense characterless minister Oryem Okello, the state minister for foreign affairs,  must have forgotten about the many times his fellows in the gov’t have betrayed our country’s health system travelling to seek for medication in the US, India, South Africa, Nairobi etcetera, leaving the vulnerable citizens dying in gov’t hospitals.

Natasha, the first daughter has flown to give births abroad (Using Taxpayers’ monies) and Okello’s son has sheepishly kept quite. Kyagulanyi used his own monies to take a secure flee of his family and you’re making noise. EMPTY VESSELS!!!

Soon we will hear Kainerugaba flying to visit his girlfriend abroad on a weekly basis, am doubtless the useful idiots (Naye Hon Betty Nambooze watuwa ka slogan👏👏👏) will cheer him. MITWE NGALABI😈😈😈

Ugandans, elders, youths, men and women, and the transgender,  none of the Kyagulanyi’s children is an adult suffrage (eligible to vote) therefore, be not misled by the big bellied selfish Okellos that you have been left lonely in the struggle.

We have had little time with Solomon, Suubi and other first children – soon becoming, here. We have shared selfies, tables, classes, fun & love together. We will have much time with them soon after removing the dictator.

Just as the Biblical Joseph fled his son, Jesus and Mary, the mother, from King Herold who wanted to kill Jesus – the Prince of Peace, so does Bobi Wine to his children.

Be hopeful that peace will forever be Uganda’s daily bread long after Museveni has peacefully retired.

To our neighbours in the East, West, Asia, Arab Emirates | middle East, Europe, expect more accountable diplomatic relations. Be it political, economic or social relations. We shall transform this world positively, together.

Ugandans, prepare your facemasks, IDs, Voter location slips, on Thursday 14.01.2021 peacefully, humbly and carefully Genda Webeleremu, vote wisely. Article 1. Power belongs to the people.

By Parrots Ug columnist.

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