Shrewish Nambooze gives President Museveni an ironical welcoming message from Kenya

By Leonard Kamugisha and Ritah Akandinda

Country’s outspoken Betty Bakireke Nambooze, also a legislator for Mukono Municipality has showered president Museveni with an ironic message welcoming him from a neighbor state Kenya where he’d been for a 3days visit.

Nambooze who continually reminded the president of the love Kenyans had for him in the early 1990s implored the president to step down for fresh bloods quoting from his book, ‘African Problems,’
“…By the way,do you still believe that Africa’s problem is leaders who overstay in power?.” Nambooze rhetorically asked the president.
The irony comes a few days when students of Jomo Kenyatta University protested Museveni’s visit and public lecture at the campus, these were seen outside the university hall chanting in Bobi Wine’s songs telling a 74 years  president to respect humanity and human rights in the Uganda.
President Museveni while delivering a public lecture at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya. PCU photo.
Shrewish Betty Nambooze wrote this message on her Facebook page and the welcoming note has circulated social media platforms in the country gaining a lot of momentum from the anti- Museveni youth with in and outside the country.
Nambooze is famously known for her vigilance and defiance showed in 2017 against the amendment of constitutional Article 102b that sought for the removal of the presidential lower and upper age cap limits, an in successful campaign which the opposition dubbed #Togikwatako. Her defiance left her backbone less due to the heavy beatings received from CMI fire armed men that attacked the Parliament during a plenary session on Agelimit amendment bill as privately presented by Igara West MP Rafael Magezi. 
News from Kenya alleges a one Boniface Mwangi a close ally to singer Bobi Wine to have purportedly fueled the protests arguing them to ‘give hell to Museveni as he speaks,’ reported.


However, the opposed president has since then kept a deaf ear on the matter.

Excerpts from Nambozee’s Social media post.
Your Excellency Kulikaayo e Kenya,Pole sana…is it true wamma that you travelled by train from Mombasa to Nairobi….cant it  be that those sons of yours plotted this to embarrass you…Mukulu how did you feel visiting a Kenyan hospital to check on a loved one ….And by the way, have you seen how the Kenyan youth seriously take the issues of East African Community….I hear they “mistook” you for Bobi Wine…mbu wamma they were chanting Bobi Wine instead of Babu Museveni….Hope you recall how you stopped the youthful Kenyan MP from coming to the Kyarenga concert….hehehehe olowooza tekikulidde Dad…..Your Excellency do you remember when in the early 90s Kenya would automatically slip into a public holiday on your visit….they loved you more than their Moi who had overstayed in power,today you are heckled in the same Country… By the way,do you still believe that Africa’s problem is leaders who overstay in power?! 

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