Speaker of Ethiopia’s House of Federation resigns after polls postponement.


On Monday June8th, Keria Ibrahim, the Speaker of Ethiopian House of Federation [Upper House] resigned after ruling government made postponements in country’s polls.

Speaker Keria’s resignation follow apparent protest at the postponement of planned elections over COVID-19 something that has caused tensions between her party and the government.

In a televised speech, she accused Abiy’s government of taking away Ethiopians’ sovereign rights, without elaborating.

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“I can’t be an accomplice when the constitution is being violated, and a dictatorial government is being formed,” she said. “I have resigned not to be collaborator [with] such a historical mistake.” She said.

Speaker Keria’s resignation has weakened the relationship between ruling government and the TPLF party.

She is a top official in Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), one of the country’s major political parties that have opposed the postponement. 

Ethiopian parliamentary and regional elections had been planned for August2020, to end incumbent Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s term in September. However, after the postponement, No new date has yet been set.

Keria urges that postponing elections is a major tool which government is using to consolidate itself in sevice.

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