A gown is the most expensive and useless garment that I have: Dr Nahabwe

Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, CEO Galaxy fm. FP


City Business proprietor, Dr Innocent Nahabwe is convinced that university graduands can still receive their Academic honors with or without the graduation gowns.
In his social media post titled; “Do we really need the gown?” Nahabwe was quick to narrate how he graduated from Uganda’s fountain of knowledge Makerere University with Masters of Science in Marketing without either a new suit or his parents as did his fellow graduands and could not wait to swallow a half drop of his saliva rather than insisting he would still graduate with or without a gown.
“The real degree had been earned about 4 months earlier when I defended my research. With or without the gown, I still would have graduated,” reads excerpts of the post.
Graduation Gown is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings, mainly tertiary education, worn mainly by those who have obtained a university degree, or hold a status that entitles them to assume them. It is also known as academical dress, academicals, subfusc and, in the United States, as academic regalia. According to Nahabwe, this cloth is a wastage of resources and a useless garment since the owners cannot use it any where for other purpose as compared to other garments.
“This gown is the most expensive and useless garment I have and I can’t use it anywhere.” Laments Nahabwe.
Nahabwe’s arguments comes at a time when there are reports in the media indicating a total number of about 7065 students of Makerere university likely to miss graduation gowns due to lack of timely supplies from the contractor.
Makerere University is set to hold her 70th graduation starting Tuesday January 14th and is expected to end on Friday January17th, 2020. The four days graduation ceremony shall be held at the University Freedom Square.
However, by parroting time, this site’s reporter had landed on the relieving news that the university had devised means of acquiring the gowns and that graduands had started receiving their gowns as stipulated in the university distribution schedule released by the university Academic Registrar’s office.
His arguments prompted criticisms from a mammoth of his followers accusing him of unfairness.
Former Ruhinda County Parliamentary contestant, Chris Gumisiriza, alias Chris Emanzi Ya Ruhinda, for instance in a reaction to the post reminded him on the eagerness of the parents and guardians to see their children wear these gowns.

Furthermore, Nahabwe implored Makerere to start hold graduation ceremonies as per its colleges / faculties.
“…can’t each college organise their own grad and make it nice, small and beautiful?” Rhetorical Nahabwe asked.
He argues the crowdy graduations have lost senses of academics to carnival like- noise and long political speeches.
Nahabwe, 39yrs is the author of: “Treating Small Businesses – Lessons from my operations,” book as launched on July12th, 2019 at Kingdom Hall Kampala. He’s also a professional Veterinary Doctor and holds MBA – Marketing of MaK.
Dr. Innocent Nahabwe’s name is listed among young Ugandan entrepreneurs, writers, a proprietor of several dollar making businesses such as 100.2 Galaxy fm (Zzina), Blue cubes, CEO Howwe.biz and also Ugziki. He’s also the founder of the former Club Amnesia.

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