Suspended P.7 pupil goes missing


By Tracy Acen Oiko

Under normal circumstances, when a student or pupil is suspended from school, his or her parents are called to make the pick up. 14-year-old Nyanzi Frank’s disappearance on 7th July, 2022 is a case like no other.

Nyanzi, a pupil at Guiding Star Primary School in Kawempe was suspended on 7th July on account of illegal possession of a smartphone on school grounds.

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He initially was sent home from school to collect his fees balance according to the knowledge of the school.

Upon reaching his uncle Luutu David’s home, his uncle alleges that the child had a smartphone which he questioned him about. Nyanzi claimed to have borrowed it from a friend at school.

This prompted his uncle, Luutu to take Nyanzi back to school and asked his classmates with the help of the administration to whom the phone belonged but all pupils denied it.

Nyanzi was suspended and his uncle urged the administration to inform his father. However, when the child heard that his father was going to be informed, he requested to be excused for a short call and since then Nyanzi has never been seen again.

This has prompted the Police at Kawempe to commence investigations into Nyanzi’s disappearance.

Police appeals to anybody who may have knowledge on the pupil’s whereabouts to inform Kawempe Police on these numbers 0701409856, 0782607496 or 0782837496.







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