By Apton Ashaba;
  BSU Mbarara Correspondent.

Today is the 3rd of November 2018 and i would wish us to take a review and see what happened on this day, here are some of the facts to note;

1: 1957 (Russia)
     A dog-Laika was picked from the streets of Russia and launched in to the orbit and it became the first the 1st living animal to enter the earth’s orbit. The spacecraft used was The Sputinik2 of Russia.

2: 1975 (United Kingdom)
     The Queen- Elizabeth II opened the 1st  UK’s oil pipeline. The 130-mile pipeline from cruden bay to Grangmouth and serves the forties oil field 110miles east of Aberdeen which was discovered 6years ago. The forties is the largest oil field so far discovered in the British oil sector of the Northsea.

3:1976 (United states of America)
      Jimmy Carter won the US presidential election defeating his opponent (President Ford). He came to this achievement using his “Trust Me” slogan. Moreso, in 2004 (on this same date), President George.W.Bush was elected the president of the US for a second term in office.
    Did you know this?
Turkey switched off from using Arabic to Roman Alphabet on this same day in 1928.

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