Tragedy during radio show brings it to un end


Tragedy happened at the Kamwokya based Media Plaza that is on NXT Radio when a radio show abruptly ended over misunderstandings between co -hosts. Ronnie MacVex who was on his usual show with Karitas in their show called”The Tranzit” used his co-cost as an example.

While Karitas urgued that it’s un humanto call someone ugly, and that one man’s meat can be another’s poison,  thought Ronnie thaught it was an option  where everybody could agree someone was ugly. In an example, Ronnie said “For example I could say Karitas made hair those ladies on Mizigo love” Karitas took it personal and as insults in disguise  and walked from the show.
Some viewers and listeners have sided  with Karitas and women activists have been fast to chip in with their emancipation card. It’s still doubtful if the duo will work together again on the same show.

Ronnie continued to that it was meant insult his Co-host and what he said meant nothing about her she should not take serious

In a video,Karitas is quoted saying that Ronnie’s mouth should not just open to utter out anything anyhowly.

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