Trump urged to acknowledge a problem


NEW YORK: Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked President Trump to not be a “co-conspirator” of the coronavirus, and finally acknowledge the virus as a major global problem.

“Acknowledge to the American people that COVID exists, it is a major problem, it’s going to continue until we admit it and each of us stands up to do our part.” Said Governor Cuomo 

Cuomo said If Trump does not acknowledge that, then he is facilitating and enabling the virus.

On July 6, the number of COVID-19 fatalities in the U.S. surpassed 130,000 following a dramatic surge in new cases that has put Trump’s handling of the pandemic into question.

Cuomo blames the upsurge on the poor leadership example portrayed by President Trump.

“He makes up facts. He makes up science,” Cuomo said, citing several past Trump statements on the virus such it would disappear like a miracle as the weather got warmer.

He argues the increase of COVID-19 cases is due to people who believe in Trump’s falsehoods on science. He said all those things, none of them were true.

“And now we have a problem in 38 states because some people believe him,” said Cuomo.

He warned against disease infections in Manhattan, Fire Island and Upstate likely to result from the July Fourth celebrations where hundreds of thousand revellers didn’t consider wearing of face masks and keeping of a social distance.

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