Two truck drivers on a run after testing positive for COVID-19


Officials at the Ministry of Health Uganda have admitted to the info about two truck drivers (a Kenyan & Burundian) who are on a run after their sample results tested positive for corona virus.

A total of 1922 samples of truck drivers were tested yesterday including the two who are on a run.

“Two out of 1,922 samples were of truck drivers: 1 Kenyan and 1 Burundian who arrived via Malaba. Efforts to track them are underway,” MoH official statement.

This is not the first time truck drivers take on their heels on testing for COVID-19 on the borders. Few days ago, published a story of a Kenyan driver who escaped to Kenya after testing positive for Corona virus in Uganda. However, MoH tracked him using a tracking system and he’s admitted at Gulu referral hospital where he’s receiving treatments.

According to a statement, 3 new cases were confirmed on saturday bringing the number of corona virus cases to 88 with no death fatalities.

The new cases are of a Kenyan and a Burundian truck drivers who arrived from Kenya via Malaba.  A third case is of a 22 years- old Ugandan who entered uganda from Tanzania using the porous border through Rakai district.

A third case was got from the 562 samples tested from the community.

The Ugandan male entered Uganda from Bukoba, Tanzania via a porous border. He is currently staying at home with his parents and efforts to evacuate him to Masaka Referral Regional Hospital and quarantine his parents are underway” Ministry said.

The new cases are confirmed at a time when Ugandans expected an ease on the lockdown from the President’s address tomorrow. However, speculations have it that there is a likelihood of extending the lockdown to 14 more days.

President Museveni shalladdress government’s move on the lockdown having directed cabinet to carry out the study on how to lift ban on some things.

Many Ugandans are demanding for a total ban on cross border movements and lifting of the lockdown arguing the new cases are not from locals but the truck drivers who enter in the country via borders.


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