Uganda without Museveni: Nkwene calls for an end to widespread discontent at Museveni’s dictatorship.


Uganda Without Museveni: Museveni’s Quest for power, who pays the price? Is a Newtalk serie  making Nelson Nkwene one of the soon to be most – sought – after-political author in Uganda.

The 186pages worth 10 Chapters Book is a “political handbook” with an in depth analysis of the Museveni regime and how he has consolidated himself into power at the dissatisfaction of many oppressed Ugandans since 1986.

Nkwene, alias Chairman Nkwene urges Ugandans particularly the  Youth to actively participate in the struggle against Mr. Museveni dictatorship.

He says that Ugandans are too thirsty to have a fundamental political change dismissing claims that they are depressed by the discontents caused by the ruling regime.

“I disagree with those who think Ugandans are cowards and have resigned into depression,” he writes.

He shades a picture of how different ethnic diversities, lack of access to information due to limited internet, controlled media, religious/tribal indifferences, have kept Ugandans a part thus delaying political changes.

He is optimistic that the book will be used as a tool to close inter-religion, inter-tribal and the information gap that have kept Ugandans indifferent to struggle for their political rights.

On Dedication, The book is dedicated to the two-thirds of the Uganda’s population who are faced with blocked transition to adulthood due to economical and political exclusion created by the NRA/M government.

He suggests for a collective-citizen led movement to regain political rights through which accountability, equal opportunities can be obtained for all citizens and oppressions overcome.

But who pays the Price?

In the Book, Chairman Nkwene analyses that manipulations, oppressions and other schemes  characterize Museveni’s consolidations in power adding that a peaceful and timely transition of power is needed lest Ugandans would pay the price for his quest for power by all means possible.

“If Mr Museveni chooses no peaceful power transfer or unnecessarily prolongs it, Ugandans are righted to up rise and demand for political change,” Nkwene writes.

About the Book:

This book is a call to Ugandans to move away from indifference towards active discontent.

Nkwene N. Nelson ( 31yrs), in his book “Uganda without Museveni”, calls Ugandans in particular Youth to actively participate in the struggle against Mr. Museveni dictatorship.

With forewords by:-

1. Chapaa Karuhanga ―Presidential Candidate 2001, Founder of Forum for Democratic Change (After the merger of His National Democrats Forum, Reform Agenda of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Parliamentary Advocacy Forum of Augustine Ruzindana) and Chairman of Serefaco Consultants Ltd.

2. Mulindwa Walid Lubega ―National Chairperson, Youth League ―Forum for Democratic Change

3. Joyce Adikin―Clerk to The People’s National Assembly. The People’s Government – Uganda.

Chairman Nkwene  makes analysis of Museveni’s quest for power, manipulations and schemes that have prolonged his rule and Insurgencies against his regime.

Also, He share his thoughts on (1) Strategies to overcome political oppression, (2) Reducing the power of the oppressor, (3) new models to dismantle systems of subordination and injustice (4) concept of the right of revolution/mandate of heaven. In relation to oppression, He tells a story of Wakaima and pigs!,

He Further, makes analysis of youth and politics in a contemporary society; and shares youth collective action models that in other parts of the world have proved decisive in combating societal challenges.

A review is made of Jinja Town―Busoga’s lost opportunity and the infamous 2009 Buganda uprising.

Also, He makes a Presentation on the cost of being a political change activist in Uganda.

He further discusses how dangerous man becomes when desperate; under the topic; Ugandans are desperate for change.

An emphasis  timeline is made of events in Uganda since 1979-2020, when Museveni’s FRONASA and other rebel groups ousted president Idi Amin.

Accessing the Book.

The book titled: “Uganda without Museveni”  has been availed for free to the public. And published with amazon for those in diaspora who may need hard copies. Other hard copies are also available in Uganda since August 11. The processes to distribute soft copy is already done and an e-book can be accesses at Amazon via Link: and for soft copies and PDF format whereas the Hard copies in Uganda can be accessed by contacting the Author on:

The book according to the author is unrestricted from any reproductions.

“Without restrictions this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.”

Nkwene’s Profile.

Nelson Nkwene a.k.a Chairman Nkwene, 31yrs, is born in Rutsiro village, Bitereko sub county in Ruhinda North county Mitooma district.

He is the Aspiring area MP in the 2021-26 elections on the FDC ticket. He is the founder and chairman Mitooma Youth Assembly.

A number of scholars have authored books, on Anti-Museveni rule and  the “Uganda without Museveni”  is nothing but a contribution to the available scholarly literature.

With a blank space per at the end of each chapter the book allows a reader to take own notes of political events resulting from Museveni’s presence in Uganda’s politics, recommendations etcetera. This engage readers in critical thinking, analytical discussions with the author thus making the message effective.

Although many people have authored books on Anti-Museveni rule, President Museveni has shown he is not tolerant to his challengers. 

They include; Dr Olive Kobusingye “The Correct Line?: Uganda under Museveni” Kakwenza Rukirabashaija “The Greedy Barbarian”  Rev Fr Denis Mayanja, “People Power” Journalist Jackee Budesta Batanda, “A sharp piece in the Buston globe,” Vincent Nzaramba “People Power – Battle the Mighty General” Doreen Nyanjura and Ibrahim Bagaya “Is it a fundamental change? Unveiling the hidden truth,” among others.

These have become subjects of arrest or have their materials censured.

With this background which shows how vulnerable criticising Museveni’s rule is, no one can neither tell if Nkwene’s ‘Uganda without Museveni’ will have space on the Ugandan Book industry nor  predict about his likelihood to be “arrested” for his publications.

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