VIDEO: University Graduate says Nothing Fruitful Came Out Of Her Degree, Resorts To Selling Charcoal

Queen Salmat

By Our Reporter,


When Queen Salmat joined a University; her hopes were to graduate and geen a well paying white collar job. As a determined student, she concentrated on her books, courseworks and research assigments by her lecturers.

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Salmat passed her exams highly and was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree an award conferred to succesful candidates that complete their course studies and research at a university.

It was clamour, joy and she was at cloud nine having made it to graduation. Her family and institution, colleagues were proud of her other academic milestone. It was a turning point of her reaching to extreme destiny of getting employed to one of the Nigeria’s big brand employer companies.

Little did she know that things were not as a fortune as she had anticipated, she startedhunting for jobs, online and hand deliveries but no employer was open to tap into her new resource.

Years after remaining jobless despite her academic credentials, Queen Salmat realized there lied fortunes beyond her academics.

A blessing in disguise came when the young Nigerian woman ultimately concluded that education is not the key.

According to her nothing fruitful came out of the degree she acquired in school so, in the meantime, she has started selling charcoal.

Salmat shared her story in a video reel as part of a social media challenge on the video-sharing platform. She proceeded to deepen her post by sharing her matriculation photo alongside a video of her packing charcoal to be sold and lamented over wasting her time getting an education.

In a Tik Tok Video challenge on “Share your Degree and What You Do”; Salmat was quoted saying; “when they told you that education is a key to success but in reality it’s a padlock to your success.”

She later uoloaded the video in facebook reel videos which has since got more views and reactions.

In comment section we ask, “how fruitful is your degree and what has it benefited you and your community?”

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