Was Museveni referring to URA when he asked PARASITES to go to hell?


Today Thursday June11th,2020, the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development was reading a National Budget for the Fiscal Year 2020/21 as well as giving a preview on the performance of the yet to end FY2019/29, at the Parliament of Uganda.

In an address by President Museveni who was zooming live from the State House Entebbe, Ugandans and Parliament were assured that Uganda’s economy remains stable despite the corona virus pandemic which has paralysed world economic activities.

President Museveni retaliated on the government efforts to curb down evil corruption practices that are eating up development in the country.

Museveni who had earlier warned on the eradication of corrupt officials in government and other agencies whom he referred to as ‘Parasites’ revealed that he has started cleaning up some institutions by wiping out corrupt officials.

Citing out Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), a taxi regulatory body in Uganda which has recently seen itsCommissioner General Doris Akol replaced by a new CG John Musinguzi Rujoki and have some of its Senior Officers resign, the President said that gov’t shall fight whoever is corrupt.

“There has been a lot of corruption in URA. That one I have cleaned. We have cleaned that crowd of the corrupt. Those young people who were given an opportunity to serve their country were instead doing their own things. We begged them to stop but were behaving like they are doing us a favour. We shall come for whoever is corrupt.”

On Tuesday June9th,2020, President Museveni while delivering speech on Heros Day celebrations pledged to eradicate all corrupt officials advising them to go to hell.

However, it was not certain if his references to the recent transfers in the URA reflected his Heros Day ululations. Quick to judge Ugandans said that some of the talked Parasites have been in the URA.

In his Budget Reading address, the president also appealed to Ugandans not to wait for police to enforce them follow guidelines on COVID-19. He said that government will not spare an eye begging for anyone not to die of the virus if they don’t want to respect the guidelines.

Matia Kasaija, the Minister of Finance while reading the budget said the FY2020/21 Budget shall support economic recovery as well as harnessing the potential to the progression of the country’s GDP.

Kasaija added that the budget will focus on focus on supporting livelihoods and the recovery of business enterprises that were affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

 The Budget reading started with rain drops which to the fsithful was a blessing to the new Fiscal Year while to others was a disruption to legislators and other bureaucrats who were attending the reading of the Budget.


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