We are aware of the financial solvency of the contractor, minister Jim Muhwezi defends J.S.Company Global Security contract deal.


The minister for security Jim Katuguugu Muhwezi has this morning defended the allegations that the Russian contractor which recently entered a MoU with government to plant spy chip trackers in all public and private vehicles and motorcycles in Uganda had run into financial bankruptcy at home.

“The Ministry of Security is aware of allegations regarding the financial solvency of the contractor in the recently signed Global Security Contract. As was earlier clarified by the Attorney General, this project has long been in the pipeline and it’s details agreed upon prior…,” ministef Muhwezi said on Twitter.

On Friday July 23, government contracted  Joint Stock Company Global System, a Russian firm to install tracking devices in all vehicles, motorcycles and marine vessels in a 10 year deal.

The minister for security Jim Muhwezi said that this was being done to avert criminality which targets high profile individuals attacked while driving on the roads.

Few days later, it was discovered that the firm had run into financial solvency in Russia after being sued by several other companies and banks over defaulting.

This prompted sections of Ugandans including economists and security experts questioning the appointment of minister Muhwezi who has hitherto been on spotlights over dishonesty and misuse of taxpayer’s  money.

However, the minister has on Wednesday defended the firm stating that the term of the contract provide the Government with clear rights and protections should alleged circumstances materialise.

“…to my appointment as Minister of Security last month. Nevertheless I want to reassure the public that the terms of the contract provide the Government with clear rights and protections should the alleged circumstances materialise.” Minister Muhwezi said.

It should be recalled that the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka recently defended the deal insisting that the government carried out due diligence before awarding the contract to the Joint stock company global security to install tracking devices despite reports of the company being bankrupt.

The AG strongly stated that government stands no risk of any loss on this contract.

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