Western Uganda is a virgin ground for raising talents, Promoter Aiden.

Western Uganda's leading music promoter, Aiden Graw Nuwenyesiga.

After several music and events promoters have run to the central business district Kampala, western Uganda talents are left unidentified making the music industry in the region suffer incompetence.

In spite of being reknown for producing prominent persons in the country’s political scene, discovering talents in western uganda remain a great challenge.

Few artists who manage to get a breakthrough flee to Kampala in pursuit for greener pastures something that is crippling the industry in the region.

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Promoter Aiden, a music and events promoter at Aiden Events in Ishaka Bushenyi district attributes the increase in the number of upcoming artists looking for asylum in Kampala to inadequate funding.

The music promoter turned into Prison warder say western Uganda has got talent yet lacks willing individuals to pick and promote them.

Promoter Aiden said this during an interview with the Parrotsug reporter where he revealed that there is a need to identify, uplift talents in the region to outcompete with those from other regions.

“Promotion Agencies should reconsider casting their nets wide in western Uganda. The region provides a fertile ground for individual music & events promoters ,Record label promoting agencies to invest in the regional entertainment industry,” he said.

“Now that we have been granted two city statues ie Mbarara and Fort Portal, it gives open opportunities for more individuals identify and promote various talents.”

Citing out the invention of internet which has introduced Online TVs, Promoter Aiden said promotion agencies find it easy to promote talents since most of them use 85% local content in broadcadting & advertisements.

Promoter Aiden (in a T-shirt) in a photo selfie with local artist Damazo Kacuncu aka Owaboode.

“With the introduction of online TVs, now music is growing very fast as all online TVs look for customers to give them adverts, they have to start with local music which ends up leading to spreading our gospel of circulating music,” Promoter Aiden.

He however expressed discontents against some artists for not considering using promoters which he said is lagging the industry behind.

“The major challenge we are facing as music promoters is that people are hard to convince but we use highest intelligence and they end up taking it. Then some artists think that since he/she has a song hitting countrywide, promoters are useless which is not the case in this competitive world.”

He appealed to upcoming artists to make use of the available promoters other than keeping all their focus on Kampala promoters if they are to uplift their talents.

Furthermore, Promoter Aiden urged local and foreign promoters to work together towards uplifting regional talents.


Aiden Graw Nuwenyesiga alias Promoter Aiden, is famously known for his Emceeing oratorios, Deejaying skills. Born on September 29,1993, in Kyeizooba Igara East present day Bushenyi district, Nuwenyesiga has become a media animal which he practiced for many years at MKNews Link and has worked with several other media platforms. His journey to music and events promotions is as old as 2014.

Aiden Graw Nuwenyesiga, alias Promoter Aiden. Music promoter turned into prisons service officer.

The 27-year-old Music promoter has through his sole established Promotional Agency, ‘Aiden Events’ worked with many celebrated musicians in western Uganda including singer Damazo Kacuncu, Pen Patra, Jackie Kazire to mention but a few.

Today, he promotes and distributes contents for the artists he works with with through online and on other social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube.

He is a promoter turned into a Prison warder currently attached to Kitgum Prison Unit, Northern Uganda, but his musical promotion career has not ceased.

Promoter Aiden in the Eyes of others.

Prince Emma, Presenter at Glory FM Mbarara.

“He has surely promoted Music industry in western Uganda. Its true , they (promoters) have transformed our music Industry perhaps here in western ug.”

Agnes T Breeks, Radio Journalist at 105.0fm Hunter Radio Bushenyi.

“I know him and he is a nice person to work with. He has identified and uplifted talents in our area,” comments Agnes a journalist from Bushenyi.

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