What you didn’t know about Sheehah, Nina relationship beefs


Sheebah Karungi and Nina Akankunda were once very close friends long before joining the same management of Jeff Kiwa and have history, but their relationship turned sour. At that time Sheebah was still a broke musician struggling to make it as a solo artiste with her girls in Makindye. Some noteworthy of these are Keko and Nina Roz.

Before Nina Roz came on the scene, Sheebah was very tight with Keko Town and their friendship was the talk of the town, with many claiming they were more than friends. However, nobody was able to get proof about these claims. The arrival of Roz caused a conflict between the two girls, with Keko claiming that she was being neglected by Sheebah.

In the Keko moved on from this friendship and created room for a new best friend, the babe was only identified as Lil Samo. The cycle was again repeated and Roz was forgotten just like her friend Keko.

Moles claim that Nina Roz was then denied access to Sheebah’ s rented house in Makindye, something that frustrated and broke the heart of this upcoming musician at the time. Her disappointment was so big that she was quoted many years later claiming that they will never be friends again.

” We can no longer be friends because our issues are deep. I know she hated me so much” , she was quoted saying. She also claimed that their problems could only be resolved by the two of them.

During these hard times Nina Roz begged Jeff Kiwa to sign her up in TNS, a group where Sheebah and Pallaso were already signed and making hits. It wasn’ t long before their differences started interfering with their music.

Sheebah accused Nina Roz of mimicking her music style and things got heated. In the end, Sheebah took the high road and distanced herself from the group to avoid drama.

Although Sheebah refuses to address the real cause of their beef, Nina Roz is very open about the fact that they’ re not friends anymore.

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