Winnie Nwagi bounced at night club for failing to pay entrance fee


Winnie Nwagi is one of the most selling musicians at the moment but that doesn’t guarantee her free access to every venue around the city.

The singer together with her friends was denied access to the illusion bar in Kololo after they refused to pay the entrance fee. She even made calls but no one cared to listen.

Winnie Nwagi believes the bouncers should have allowed her to enter the nightclub because her music is played at the hangout.

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“These guys play my music but they asked me to pay the entrance fee. We need to do better,” she said in a video she posted on her Snapchat

More so, she called upon the organizers of such events to always pay attention to the public figures especially the musicians and the thing which was did to her was not fair at all.

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