Address the challenge of low productivity levels among Christians, Museveni


Reinforce spirituality in Africa with the Welfare of Africans.

By Leonard Akida Kamugisha

President Museveni has beseeched African Bishops to reinforce spirituality in Africa with the welfare of Africans in order to address the challenge of low productivity among the Christians on the black continent.

“On welfare, Africans are still lagging behind and this welfare is for your parishioners whom you lead spiritually and some of us temporary lead,” says Museveni.

H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was speaking as the Chief Guest at the official opening mass of the African Bishops Assembly today at Lubaga cathedral. These are under their umbrella, the ‘Symposium of Episcopal Conference of Africa and Madagascar’ [SECAM].

He ( Museveni) stressed that Africa is the land of wealth but is not used as given due to cultural practices such as subsistence farming and lack of “Chura” or mathematics to profitably evaluate what they are doing thus resulting into low production levels which comes with low consumption.

President emphasized the World Health Organization – WHO recommendations on nutrition for every person to consume at least 210 litres of Milk per annum. He said due to low productivity consumption is low.

“Africans consume little because they under produce and under consume. For instance,…. according to WHO, a person to live normally and develop his teeth, a person is supposed to consume 210 ltrs of Milk per annum.” Museveni emphasized on consumption.

Museveni further challenged the Bishops that African continent is 10 times (estimated at2.5trillion $) smaller than of USA (estimated at 20trillion $) yet Africa is 4 times densely populated than the US. He expressed the need for Bishops to improve productivity levels of Christians in their respective countries.

Furthermore, the President said Africans should establish domain over nature as a methodology to solve African problems such as natural disasters.

“….. Use science and superior knowledge to tail and control nature for human needs,” Museveni said quoting the book of Genesis where God gave man authority to dominate all creatures.

SECAM, is a brain child of the Vatican Council II (1962-1965) where the Assembly of all African Bishops resolved to build a continental structure in order to unite the church in Africa and promote collaborations in pastoral ministry.

The Assembly was inaugurated by His Holiness the Pontif Saint Paul VI on July 29th, 1969 at Lubaga cathedral church in Kampala – Uganda.
Uganda Episcopal Conference [UEC] is hosting SECAM to celebrate the SECAM’s Golden Jubilee (50 years anniversary) since its inauguration.

The main celebrant of the opening mass was His Grace ArchBishop Gabriel Mbiringi of Angola , incumbent President SECAM and the homily was taught by ArchBishop Ndaye Bako of Ghana who asked Christians to accept Christ as their savior.

Over 400 delegates including Cardinals, Bishops, delegates from the Vatican honoured the function.

The Assembly of all African Bishops continues with a weekly symposium and secret prayers at the Munyonyo Basilica and shall end with a closing Holy Mass on Sunday 28th July, 2019 at the Namugongo Martyrs shrine.


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