Bra Crisis hits Nudity Queen Singer Spice Diana


As businesses go on an extension lockdown, Bras crisis has hit a large number of WOmen who now go in public with their Nyonta hanging in the air. The most affected being none other than Singer Namukwaya Hajjara Diana Stage Name Spice Diana whom many have nicknamed “Nudity Queen” due to her indecency.

Earlier today, the outspoken singer flashed social media with photos of herself covering her Matiti wit face masks instead of using the real Bras a sign of total crisis to the Ndi mu Love album singer.

The 24year – old musician shocked mammoths of her supporters who wondered how their Mushese could run into insolvency yet she had milked from them dollars and Shillings of monies before a lockdown in her Massive Concerts.😷😷😈😬

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Anappeal to Spice’s supporters around Kalerwe, kindly purchase for her a pair of bras and drop it at Bad Character Studios, Aganaga will deliver it to Diana’s cubic.

Our reporters couldn’t establish whether Diana was trying to comply to the presidential directives on mandatory wearing of face masks but all they can tell is that she misinterpreted the instructions.😂😂😂😂😂😂

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