MPs want government intervene in Vision Group Staff salary cutoffs


A recent leaked Interno Memo at Vision Group media house indicating the company’s move to cut off wages of their staff caused debates in the members of the public accusing the company’s CEO Mr Robert Kabushenga and his management for exploitation of staff and mismanagement.

The topical debates have gone further spreading like a wild fire up to the floor of Parliament with Law Makers complaining of salary deductions at the New Vision Printing & Publishing Company Limited.

According to the worker’s MP Hon Margaret Rwabushaija Namubiru, and MP Lilly Adongo, Vision Group’s move to deduct salary for their staff is a wrong move and therefore needs government interventions to help staff get their salary entitlements.

During a parliamentary plenary today, the Lawmakers raised complaints about salary deductions at New Vision Newspaper in spite of the paper’s COVID- Cash boost from the government.

In an Interno Memo dated April30th, Robert Kabushenga, the CEO Vision Group announced salary cutoffs for the public corporate staff up to 40% for the lower cadres, his own and that of the other senior managers earning above Shs 20m by a paltry 60%.

“…..However, the recent lockdown requires even more than stiff measures to keep the business viable. The necessities that for the first time in sixteen years management has to take drastic measures to reduce the wage bill.

A Freelancer who talked to this website under preferences of anonymity said most of the reporters who freelance with the company have not received money for their published stories.

Finance State Minister David Bahati however told Parliament that he had sought for an explanation from the management.

He reportedly said that the paper’s revenue had dipped and ministry was studying the situation.


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