Buganda will not endorse any presidential candidate who doesn’t pursue our interests, Katikiro Mayiga.


The Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga, has retaliated the kingdom’s position on endorsing any presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

Mayiga  said that the kingdom will not endorse any presidential candidate as it may cause political divisions among the Kabaka’s subjects.

The Katikiro said some people had asked him to endorse particular candidates but dismissed their requesitions saying they were not rightful.

Mayiga made the remarks earlier today while addressing members of the Kingdom living abroad via a Zoom meeting themed: “Buganda eyo murembe Omutebi”

His address is in line with the preparation of the 27th coronation of KABAKA Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II slated for July31st.

During the virtual meeting, the Katikiro expressed that Buganda will only endorse a candidate who supports her interests which he described as “Ensonga Ssemasonga Ettaano”

‘Buganda had its own interests that are permanent and summarised in ‘Ensonga Ssemasonga Ettaano’ (the five aspirations). If anyone publicly expresses willingness to pursue them, I will personally endorse him/her,’ Katikiro Mayiga.

The five aspirations according to him includes; Protecting & Defending the kingdom, Federal, Protection of Kingdom’s Land and boundaries, Creation of youth employment and Promoting unity.

He urged politicians who wants support from the kingdom to support its interests.

This is not the first time Buganda Kingdom expresses her stand on 2021presidential elections after publicpressed the kingdom hard for allegedly sidelining with the People Power political group lead by Hon Robert Kyagulanyi.


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