Chief Justice Owinyi Warns Bobi Wine on Blackmailing Judiciary


On Monday Robert Kyagulanyi National Unity Platform threatened to withdraw the petition if three justices don’t recuse themselves from the case.

Kyagulanyi said Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, Justice Mike Chibita and Justice Ezekiel Kurabiraho Muhanguzi will not serve justice if they are involved in hearing his petition.

In response, the Chief Justice,Alfonse Owiny-Dollo says no amount of intimidation or threats will derail them from handling the case properly.

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“If anybody has issues to raise against the judges,court is the way to do it. If anyone thinks they can intimidate, blackmail or induce with favours the Chief Justice, they are headed for a crash,”Dollo said.

The chief justice said his main aim in the case is only for delivery of justice,noting that nothing can stop him from doing the same.

Owiny-Dollo said he considers the utterances in the media as cheap talk.

“If you have no confidence in us, don’t bring your case here. If you have your plan B, we cant stop you from applying it. There is a difference between political and judicial functions,”he said.

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