COSASE asked to investigate how former Janet Kataha Political Assistant acquired UCAA job


By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


Its a proverb in Buganda that, “Ekuba omunaku tekya,” literally meaning that when it starts raining on the poor, it cannot stop.

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This is a right philosophical statement to define the state of a man who has come onspot lights for flying in wrong lanes and boom! questions on the qualifications to his fatty position as Director Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda, arise out of the blue.
Fred Kanyangoga Bamwesigye, was on Monday allover mainstream and social media after photos of his private car were caught on camera driving in wrong lanes on the road contrary to Road Safety and Traffic guidelines. This tunned criticisms from the public domain with many accusing government officials of continued breaching of laws on the look of enforcement authorities such as police.
Kanyangoga’s battle is not over and as the Baganda saying in the opening paras, it is still raining on him and his fate is not ending soon.

Latest on Parrots UG indicate that a senior Transport professional in Uganda has written to the parliamentary Committee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) expressing interests in a manner through which he (Kanyangoga) got his latest job as Director General Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.
The whistle blower identified as Jabbe Pascal Osinde Osudo cites out irregularities on the date of birth on Passport, academic papers, required age as presented by Kanyangoga during interviews.

“I am writing to express my concern as a Senior Transport Professional with interest in Aviation Management….” the letter read in parts.

According to the October 11, letter directed to the COSASE Chairman, Joel Ssenyonyi and received by the Parliamentary security which seen by Parrots UG, Pascal alleges that Kanyangoga was irregularly recruited because he did not meet the criteria in the advert and lacks integrity required for the job.

“Mr. Kanyangoga was irregularly recruitedas he did not meet the criteria in the advert and lacks the requisiste integrity to run such a highly specialized agency withregulatory powers,” Jabbe Pascal Osinde said.

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority is a corporate body responsible for regulation of aviation industry in Uganda. UCAA carries out its work in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practice Services (SARPS)

He cited out four areas of irregularities contained in the papers that Kanyangoga used to get his new job.

According to Jabbe, Kanyangoga has three different dates of birth that is to say, 27th November 1963 as evidenced by his passport no B0439783 issued on 23 July, 2004 and 27th November, 1967 as listed in his new passport no: B1198232.

He further alleges that Kanyangoga lied on his date of birth in his National Social Security Fund (NSSF) card number 6317900004622 where he listed his age as 27th November, 1963. In another case, Kanyangoga in his application to join Makerere University indicated his age as 27th November, 1964.

Jabbe Pascal Osinde opines that at the time of shortlisting and interviews, Kanyangoga was above the age of between 35 and 55 years which was a key requirement in the advert.

On Academics, the whistle blower says that the Director General purpots to have been born on 27th November, 1967 and in one of the result slips he tenders in the names of Fred Kanyangogahe sat Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) in 1976 implying that he started his primary one ata the age of one year.

Similarly, in his official records and Curriculum Vitae, Kanyangoga allegedly listed that he had sat for PLE in 1978 as Fred Bamwesigye and further lists that he sat for UCE in 1981, two years after completing his PLE.

Jabbe says that in various documents submitted by Kanyangoga, he posesses various dates of birth and several results of PLE,UCE and UACE which he says reflects fraudelent behaviors.

He asked COSASE to immediately investigate the whole recruitment process through which Kanyangoga got his new job.

“Having a fraudster of this nature being in charge of such as sensitive sector is very risky as he will not live up to the values of air transport which demands adherence to rules. I call upon the committee to investigate and save this critical sector from a fraudster and masquerader.” Jabbe said.

Fred Kanyangoga Bamwesigye is the Director General of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority a job he recently obtained. He is the former campaign manager and long time political assistant to the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni. He also sits on the board of the NSSF.

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