Dr Nyanzi, Bajjo and Activist Sharon arrested over protesting unfair covid-19 relief food distribution.

Dr Stella Nyanzi and team protesting against the unfair modes through which OPM distributes COVID-19 relief food.

By Leonard Kamugisha AKIDA akida@parrotsug.com

Nyanzi, Bajjo and others arrested over protesting against unfair distributions of COVID-19 food relief by the Office of the Prime Minister – OPM, demands for more food for the vulnerable persons and fair models of distribution.

Police in Kampala have arrested sex and feminism activist Dr Stella Nyanzi, city events promoter Andrew Mukama alias Bajjo and Activist Sharon Kemigisha protesting what they call unfair distribution of COVID-19 relief food.

The three have been whisked to a yet in identified detention.

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On Sunday, Dr Nyanzi had posted on her social networks threatening to go on a protest today.

However, her motif and the team could not come to a success as police armed to the tooth intercepted them, made arrests before they could access OPM offices.

The three were arrested holding playcards of: “Tunataka Chakula,” “We want food” “Twagala Emere,” near Buganda road court as they matched to the Office of the Prime protesting the unfair mode in which the OPM has failed to distribute food to needy Ugandans leaving many lives starving.

Its alleged that other more people could have been arrested in the protest. However, only Three had been identified by press time. This is a developing story, our team shall continue updating you.

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