Electoral Commission to spend 504b shillings on procuring electoral materials.


The Electoral Commission shall require money worth Shs 504b to spend on procuring of electoral materials to use in the forthcoming 2020/21 elections.

Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, the Chairperson EC said that the money shall be used in purchasing materials such as face masks for persons in the electoral processes, hand sanitizers, body temperature guns (thermometers), Biometric Verification Machines (BVM) among other materials.

He said these earlier today while he was releasing the revised electoral roadmap for the 2020/21 elections at the EC offices in Kampala.

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During the release, Justice Byabakama urged all public servants willing to contest for different positions in the elections to resign as early as suited in the released roadmap.

According to the released revised roadmap, all public servants aspiring for parliamentary seats have been given up to July12th,2020 to resign from their current offices. Public servants aspiring for Local Government council elections have been given a deadline of August6th to resign, Public Servants aspiring for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) representatives to Parliament have a resignation deadline of August7th while those interested in aspiring for the President position have been given a deadline of up to October31st,2020 to resign.

The released roadmap highlights the dates set for key electoral activities such as nomination of candidates, campaigns and polling for presidential, parliamentary and local gov’t positions. It further highlights dates for the conduct of the elections for SIGs from village to National levels. SIGs include the youth, elderly and persons with disabilities.

As a mean of containing the possible spread of corona virus, Justice Byabakama urged all persons to take part in the electoral exercise to practice social distancing, wearing of face masks, regular washing of hands with sanitizers among other setguidelines.

He warned all political parties and other stakeholders against conducting mass political rallies suggesting for campaigns through the media.



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