Electorates threaten to boycott NRM primaries over Museveni’s empty promises.


Voters in Tororo county have threatened to boycott the forthcoming NRM primary elections for Woman Member of Parliament and LCV due to Museveni’s empty promises to accord Tororo a district status.

The electorates who are NRM supporters in greater Tororo county (Itesots) together with their area MPs Fred Angura and Annet Nyakecho have resolved they are not going to participate in the NRM primaries for the above mentioned positions until the President fulfills his pledge.

These convened in a meeting in which a petition was written to the President reminding him of the district status.

The 2 seats according to locals and their leaders bring together Itesots and their counterparts the Japadhola with whom they have had long standing conflicts over the leadership and ownership of Tororo municipality.

About 2yrs ago, Colonial maps were attained from London with a promise from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that the Itesots would get their own district but the delay has increased conflicts between the two antagonistic tribes thus crippling service delivery in the area.

The angry supporters further issued warnings the NRM leaders against displaying the registers for LCV and Woman MP.

Similarly, leaders in Budama were warned against campaigning in Tororo for the same positions.


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