FDC proposes to reduce term / semester length to allow schools reopen


By Annet Nakanwagi,

Following the reopening of the country after a 42 day lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid 19, there is still demand that more sectors of the society should be opened up immediately. Notably of these are schools and other education institutions whose reopening dates remain uncertain.

On Monday 2nd August,2021, the Forum For Democratic Change(FDC) during it’s media briefing has come up with the proposal to reopen schools and education institutions like universities.

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According to the Kiira municipality legislator Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, who is also the fdc spokesperson, the party proposes for the reopening of schools before a third wave of COVID-19 hit the country.

“It appears, Covid is turning out to be seasonal. When it is time for the first or second wave , it will hit you whether you are in a total, semi or no lockdown. It is also possible that Covid subsidies on its own accord. This is not to belittle our interventions to stop or minimize the spread,” he said.

“The FDC even as it demands and carries out further scientific analysis on the seasonality of Covid, proposes the reopening of the schools before the country is hit by a third or another wave. The syllabus must be condensed and taught quickly before another wave hits us.”

FDC further suggests for the reduction of term length from three months to one month to enable learners complete the syllabus.

“Instead of a three months term, we can reduce it to the maximum one month. Studies that require physical interaction with teachers should be carried out during this one month and learners sent back home for revisions with enough materials. The first week of every one month term should be for exams and remaining three weeks for studies.” FDC proposed.

FDC objects that government proposal to reopen schools after vaccinating children is day dreaming. They aver to reopen schools when the second wave is subsiding.

“If schools do not reopen  when the second wave is subsiding, we risk causing another stampede opening them very close to a third wave.” FDC warned.

According to the FDC, children such as senior one and five that had been earlier taught should report back to schools next week for promotional exams.

The Party further suggested for the continuation of E-learning for Arts courses at universities and physical learning for science courses which require practical lessons.

“For universities, courses that require research and personal reading mainly Arts can be taught online. Students are issued with enough reading materials and report strictly for only one week for exams. During this one week, they should also be given all necessary instructions that require physical interaction with teachers/lecturers. The science students who do practicals can then use the facilities that are decongested for maximum two months per semester or term.” FDC proposed.

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  1. How can the syllabus be condensed in just one month of study per term?!……Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda should revise the proposals..thanks

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