Four Schools Closed In Mbarara Over Rent Arrears

Mina High School Biharwe, a brainchild of the recently closed Sentah College Kakoba in Mbarara City. The School is funded by Educationists Uthman Nduhukire. Photo Credit: Rise News Uganda

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


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The Inspector of Schools of Mbarara City, Dennis Ntare has disclosed that four schools in the city have not been able to reopen due to accumulating rent arrears.

The said schools iclude two Primary schools and two secondary schools privately owned by individuals.
Ntare named the schools as Hope Tots Primary School in Biharwe, Mbarara College SS in Kakiika, Sentah College in Kakoba and Standard SSS in Kamukuzi.
According to Ntare, the reports by school owners indicate that they failed to clear rent arreas prompting landlords to evict them.

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However, when Parrots UG contacted the Director Sentah College, Nr. Uthman Nduhukire, he dismissed reports that that the school had been closed due to rent arrears.

“The school  did not close because of rent arrear. There is not any rent arrear at Sentah College. Rent was cleared to zero balance,” he said

Nduhukire who was in the middle of the school management meeting clarified that the school was closed to give birth to a new school called Minah High School which he opened up in Biharwe, Mbarara City and is currently operating.

Mr. Nduhukire Uthman, the Director Mina High School Biharwe. Photo Courtesy: RNU

“You see, when COVID-19 came, people developed different new ideas. The landlord developed plans for other new businesses but we opened up a new school in Biharwe called Minah High School. Students were shifted to our new school, those who got the information late joined other schools but still others are being admitted.” Nduhukire explained.

Ntare has advised parents and guardians of the said closed schools to seek admissions for their children in other schools.

Apparently, private schools owners under their umbrella Uganda National Association of Private Schools and Institutions (UNAPSI) has been asking government to give them a stimulus package to help them recover from the hard economy caused by COVID-19 pandemic. However, government in response said that there is no money to facilitate private schools and institutions.

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