Fr. Anthony Musaala sues Allelluia Reflexology over copyright.


Popular catholic priest Father Anthony Musaala has sued Alleluia Reflexology Health Solution and Nutrition Research Center Limited the manufacturers of Alleluia Natural Drink accusing them of having used his song in a commercial advert to market their product without his consent.

Musaala through his lawyers M/S Nakasagga and Company Advocates, filed a case at Civil Division of High Court in Kampala.

He contends that he is the author of a praise and worship song titled ‘Alleluyah’ which he composed and recorded about 12 years ago.

Musaala says however that early this year, the company reportedly run an advert in several local televisions about their drink Alleluia Natural Drink and the running advert comprises of the song ‘Alleluyah’ which belongs to him.

He accuses the manufucturer of failure to seek his authorization and consent before running the said advert.

The charismatic priest says that his song is a praise and worship song but wonders how the company used it to advertise a commercial  drink contrary to the copyright laws of this country since it’s a commercial advert.

He claims he has not benefited anything from his art skills. He is seeking for 58.5 million shillings in compensation because he has been suffering from gross inconveniences.

He asked court to declare that he is the rightful author and owner of the song in question and also that the company violated his copyright.

Goodrich Muteguya, the MD Alleluia Reflexology Health Solution and Nutrition Research Center Limited admitted using Musaala’s song but he didn’t know that it was wrong.

Muteguya revealed that he contracted Kai Productions to make for him an advert and they are the ones that mixed it up with Musaala’s song.

Muteguya said Kakai recently approached fr musuala that he had previously learnt that Kai Productions had approached Musaala over the matter but he doesn’t know what followed later that the priest had to run to court.



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