From Manicurist to Musician: Fresh Dad to perform at the Take Over Party


“New city singer Fresh Dad to make his first public performance at the Take Over Part beating the odds of those who have humiliated him as a ‘cutex guy’ manicurist.”

By  Leonard Kamugisha Akida

Mr. Mutabazi Paul a.k.a Fresh Dad, city- talk up-coming musician

When Paul Mutabazi, a reknown cutex painter in town hit studios to record his Mazike song Kampalans rushed into accusations little did they know that luck would be fall a once despised hawker and write his name in history.

Mr. Mutabazi, who adopted the stage name; Fresh Dad from his son’s ( Fresh Kid) is confirmed to be among the many musicians to perform at the Take Over Party as dubbed, to celebrate 11 years of broadcasting for Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation – UBC’s  Jam101 Presenter, Calvin the Entertainer.

The party is scheduled to take place on Saturday 20th July, 2019, at Freedom City a Kampala Entertainment centre. Fresh Dad, B2C, Mesearch Ssemakula, Cindy Sanyu, Lydia Jazmine, Victor Kamenyo, Katera Africa, are among other famous artists to perform at the party.

Take OverParty is sponsored by Seventh Chapter Music (7CM), City Trades Events (CTE), Johnie Walker, UBC TV and others partners.

Fresh Dad, shall be performing his newly released single tune, “Mazike” a city slang literally meaning a Ugandan 50,000 Shs note. Mazike song was recorded at Bad Character studios owned by musician Khalifa Aghanaga and it’s audio got more likes and shares on social media something that is believed to have increased Fresh Dad’s popularity in Uganda and abroad.

His performance at Take Over Party shall be his first public performance.

About Mazike song:

In the Mazike song, Paul Mutabazi describes to his move from Luwero his home land to Kampala and life in the city basically to look for money or Mazike which he further blasts so does his Son Fresh Kid and his Manger Francis Kamoga.

” Mu Kampala Tunonya amazike, Fresh Dad nonya amazike, Fresh Kid anonya Mazike, Manager Francis anonya Mazike …….” Song lyrics goes.

He further thanks the People of Luwero where he come from and later implores funs to support his music and that of his son.

“Big ups the people of Luwero……..” he adds in lyrics.

Mazike song was released after a three minutes video of Fresh Kid ( his son) calling himself a father to Mutabazi. This prompted funs saying the father’s decision to join music industry may ruin the future of his child’s music talent. 

” Amanya yenze Fresh Kid, Tata was Mutabazi Paulo celeb, mwebare kumuwagira,” literally meaning: 
“My name is Fresh Kid, a father to Mutabazi Paul celeb, thank you for supporting him,” Fresh Kid said in a short video clip. 

However, Mutabazi, says his decision to join the music industry rose after seeing he’d a huge following and talent that entreats him make his funs happy.

” I have seen many people of my age making it in music so I decided to sing just to make my funs happy, ” he said wearing smiles.

Asked about his inspirational musicians, Fresh Dad couldn’t haste talking about Dr. Jose Chamilion and David Lutalo as his role models. 

Mazike Audio song is already out and can be accessed via all music libraries, online and in MP3 sources.

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