Journalist arrested for trespassing to hotel accomodating Afghan refugees


By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


A one Wasswa Henry Lumanyika, a senior news correspondent with Deutsche Press Agentur, a based German media house has been arrested for lodging with Afghan evacuees at Imperial Beach Hotel in Entebbe.

The hotel is hosting 51 Afghan evacuees who arrived in the country this week as the first batch.

Uganda expects to host over 20000 evacuees, according to an earlier government report.

The evacuees are facilitated for by the American government.

Wasswa was netted by security on Thursday after he gained access to the hotel and started conducting interviews with the evacuees without security clearance. Entebbe Police slapped him with criminal trespass charges.

According to reports, Wasswa says as much as there is security presence, the hotel has not restricted reservations, bookings and is open to new clients at the facility.

He argues that he booked into the hotel after effecting payment of USD.167 and spent a night in the hotel. However, there was more to his stay at the hotel.

Wasswa explains that his bosses are fully aware of the assignment. He added that he was not aware of any official government information barring him from interacting with or interviewing the Afghans.

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