Mbarara based Kakoba Institute steals the show at MCI Media Expo

MCI expo

Mbarara institute of commercial studies shines at Media Challenge Expo that happened on Friday 12th November 2021.

As the Kakoba institute participants presented their bulletin about the Sustainable Development Goals , the audience didn’t give the anchor expected attention . The audience which was dominated by students from the well known Kampala based universities was embarrassing caught laughing about how the news anchor pronounced her words . Little did they know that this reaction could eventually turn out in the teams favour

“We came from the village just to be part of Media Challenge . However much , from our place it’s far to reach Kabalagala we still came to take part in Media Challenge.” Christable Kihembo a student from Kakoba institute narrated

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” Our institute Kakoba doesn’t not have a studio , we didn’t know  things the people we were competing  with knew . Words like PTC were knew to us .” Christable added

Kakoba institute is found in Mbarara and on average these students would spend transport of about 30,000 Ugandan shillings on a daily basis for an entire week. But since the costs were high , they decided to rent a room . Christable together with her team said money was from their pockets but because they wanted to take part in the Media Competitions they decided to pay the money.

Olupah Kendagano said they didn’t know any media language . “We were paired with one person from a Kampala University but she could always speak words we have never heard of and they are words used in Media. ” Said Oliver

Olupah Kendagano

When we spoke to Olupah who was in tears  after her interaction with the judges she said that for a long time they have not had a studio at their institute yet they are  doing a practical course. She added that  they have always yearned to have their own studio and carryout practical work but it could always end in vain.

Olupah Kendagano with tears in her eyes said that Abaas Mpindi the CEO Media Challenge together with Andrew Kyamagero have promised to build us a studio.

Abas Mpindi the CEO Media Challenge
Andrew Kyamagelo as he was talking to the Kakoba group

“The crowd will never see you when you have a dream , you left those areas to come this side . I promise I will come to Kakoba institute .” Said Andrew Kyamagero

The overjoyed group of six members Kabeho Moses , Kandagano Olupah , Kihembo Christable, Angumya Reagan, Nasasira James and Ainembabazi Catherine went home so happy after the huge promise to their institute.

Members of the Kakoba institute

This was the 5th season of the Inter- University Media Challenge Competitions at the Media Hub located at Tirupati Mazima Mall , Kabalagala. This year’s theme (2021) aimed at promoting effective Media Coverage on the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are a plan through which Peace , Development and stability are to be archived by the year 2030 which is 9 years from now. These competitions started way back in 2012.

MCI expo

The students from the different universities were given a period of three days to present video stories, radio stories , mini features, radio magazines about the SDGs .

Students while recoding the expo happenings

They were taken through the SDGS by different speakers from Monday such as Albert Byamugisha The Senior Technical Advisor SDG Secretariat, Julius Mucuguzi The Advisor and head of Communication at OPM, Naomi Abenakyo from Cavendish University, Conan Busigye The Press Secretary to the Vice President, Benjamin Rukwengye the Founder and CEO Boundless Media, Munir Safieldin a representative from UNICEF, Amelia Nakitimbo the Deputy Head of News See tv among others.

When I interacted with Antonio Kisembo one of the proprietors of the Media Challenge, he said students who win the Expo are to be taken for the fellowship . He added that they also have an academy that trains students but unlike the Competitions , it requires students to pay who wish to be trained.

Antonio Kisembo

The Expo was finalized Yesterday on 12th November 2020 . From an unidentified source,  the expo was to only contribute 40%  to the students. This therefore means that the students are to be graded from a series of work they have always handed in.

The students were also trained in a number of stills such as Investigative Journalism, Mobile Journalism, Field Reporting, Anchoring, Production, Editing, Solutions Journalism among others.

These competitions happen each year and regardless of the Covid19 the Competitions existed . The students first had their very first assignments online and these were still submitted online.

The winners from the Media Challenge Competitions of 2021 have not been announced as of yet .

The Judges from the Expo included Andrew Kyamagero  , Linda Kibombo News Editor for NTV, Rose Bukirwa UBC Editor.

The Judges

These are some of the pictures from the Expo and the links you can follow to watch the Expo that happened

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