Man arrested for Burglary in Bugiri


By Watera,


The police in Bugirir District has arrested on suspect on allegations of Burglary and Theft of household items.

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The suspect is Eliazari Kasiba, a resident of Butambala West, Eastern division in Bugiri District.

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He was arrested on Thursday after Muhammad Mwanyala reported a burglary and thefty case at his house the previous night.

Police visited the scene with a sniffer dog  deployed to track the scent and trail of the items leading them to Kasiba’s house after two kilometres.

A search was then conducted inside his house and stolen household items including a sofa set, mattress and music woofer, among others were recovered.

According to Rogers Namanyiira, the police constable who handled the sniffer dog, they were able to recover all items intact and Kasiba will be arraigned in court to face the charges.

Edward Kyaligonza, suspect of thuggery.

In related news, police and Updf patrollers at Kasangati have arrested one suspect on allegations of thuggery.

ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson has identified the suspect as kyaligonza Edward, 29, a resident of Kyebando.

Owoyesigyire said Kyaligonza was in a group of five at Canan Estates attempting to break into someones house at 0320/c.

He said that some of his other accomplices fled but they (police) are pursuing them.

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