Mao asks parliament to postpon 2021 elections.


Ugandan who recently got a National Identification Card after failing to cast himself a vote for not being a registered voter in the 2016 General Elections, Nobert Mao has asked Parliament to discuss about postponing the 2021 scientific elections.

President Nobert Mao of DP was yesterday addressing the public on the 2021 scientific elections where he urged that if government insists that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a life threat , then parliament should start debating the possibility of postponing the elections to a further date.

Mao’s comments comes at a time when the country is in hot debates on raging scientific elections in which the Electoral Commission suspended mass political rallies in their newly released revised electoral roadmap for the 2021 Elections.

Its well recalled that recently  speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga tasked the Legal committee to interface with the Electoral Commission (EC) in order to discuss the revised roadmap because of its unfavourable nature to some political groups and individuals.

In a newly released revised electoral roadmap, the EC had suggested for the use of virtual campaigns i.e Using available media houses and the internet for contestants to reach their voters however, Mao added that virtual campaigns only favours the incumbent NRM and the Roch politicians.

“Some of the places don’t have the media facilities that make a digital campaign. In some places they will not even know that voting is going on. If the coronavirus pandemic is this serious, then postponing the election is a viable option because we are the ones who make the laws and we are the one who change the laws. How come they are so enthusiastic to change term limits and age limits but when it comes to facilitating voters to make informed choices now they are reluctant,” Mao wondered.

Today, Uganda has over 300 radio stations, 40 Television stations most of which are owned by the government or the politicians subscribing to the ruling NRM party which to the opposition may not be given a platform to freely express their opinions.

At times, some opposition leaders have become victims of censorship and detentions as they are arrested on air addressing masses on various media houses.


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