MPs want Attorney General Apologize For Telling Lies On Human Torture


By our reporter

Members of Parliament have asked Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka to apologize to Ugandans following the presentation he made to the 75th session of the UN convention on torture.

Kiryowa told the convention that Uganda does not condone torture and state actors implicated in rights violations do so on their own and against the law.

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He also revealed that the government sanctions rights violators and compensates victims in proven cases.

However, MPs including Bukonzo West’s Atkins Katusabe and Bbale county’s Charles Tebandeke have accused the attorney general of telling lies.

The MPs claim the Attorney General’s statements were also provocative to the families and victims of torture from security agencies in safe houses resulting into the death or disability of some Ugandans.

Meanwhile Luwero district Woman MP, Brenda Nabukenya says the remarks made by the Attorney General indicate that he doesn’t care about the human rights of Ugandans who claim to be tortured

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