National Response Fund targets to raise 170bn, appeals to Citizens participate in the donation exercise

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COVID-19 Response Fund needs Shs 149b to raise the targeted 170b to be used in purchasing food stuffs,medical equipment and at least 10 Emergence cars per district.

By Patricia T Angel.

The National COVID-19 Response Fund has raised concerns to public and civil servants in the country to contribute to the fund in order to attain their targeted Shs 170b goal to help in quick support against corona virus across the country.
In a press release on the funds collected since inception, on April 8th, Dorothy Kisaka, the secretary / Administrator to the fund appealed to the general public to generously donate part of their salaries to the fund.

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“This appeal goes to all salary earners,civil servants, business people, people in the private sector, cabinet sector, members of parliament, members of judiciary, all leaders in the local government, directors and commissioners to participate in this noble cause,” Dorothy Kisakka, Secretary / Fund Administrator.

The report was launched yesterday at launched yesterday at the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday Sunday 3rd May,2020.

According to Emmanuel Katongole, the Chairman of thr fund, sofar they have managed to collect a total of Shs 21b donations from the Ugandan citizens and well wishers, with Shs7bn cash at hand and sh4bn cash in pledges,50motor vehicles valued at sh5bn,food stuffs,medical equipment and others all valued at sh5bn.

The Covid 19 fund’s goal is to raise Sh170bn to be utilized by the ministry of health for test kits, personal protection equipment and other needs by the ministry and perhaps the government of uganda.

Furthermore, reports stated that all individual and group donations given to District Task Forces are not detailed in the National Response Fund.

Reports further showed the Fund members’ willingness to donate 1million each to ensure their goal is achieved.

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