New KCCA Kasubi Market a safest place for breast feeding mothers while at work


Apparently, CS Contractors handed over a first class Kasubi market to the Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] that accommodates over 1400 vendors.

        New Kasubi Market view.

Besides accommodating a large number of vendors, the New Kasubi Market is the first of its kind of all City markets designed with a rare to find child – care centre where children shall be safely taken care of rather than being with their parents as it is a case in other markets.

According to KCCA, the child- care centre is designed in a modern way which is conducive for breast feeding mothers to take care of their toddlers while at work.

For many times, feminists, human rights activists, local and international labour bodies have hitherto outcried for violations of breast feeding mothers rights and the new market is more less a tool to advocate, protect and enforce the rights of breast feeding mothers in the market.

“This child care centre at the new market is a conducive and safe place free from intrusion from coworkers and public where breast feeding mothers at the market will take care of their toddlers while at work,” KCCA noted.

This new market has among other specified facilities; food stores, fruits & vegetables sections, butchers, restaurant sections to mention but a few.

Duringthee hand over of the market to KCCA, the Authority Spokesperson Peter Kaujju said 1.2b part of the money used to construct the market was from government.

He said the modern market with child care facilities is what kasubi vendors have been yearning for.

 “For the vendors that have spent decades working from the Kasubi roadside being hit by direct sun and rain God has finally heard their cry,even it has been so hard to get loans from banks because the money lenders are not sure whether where you have worked from  today will still be the work place tomorrow and onwards but now they have got a permanent home.”Kauju stated.

According to him, the new market will boost morale in vendors to work.

The market has not yet been officially handed over to vendors to open works. However, an insider from KCCA told this site that plans to hand over the market are in pipelines likely to occur soon after the lockdown.

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