NUP’s Kamayonza warns against police brutality a head of electoral campaigns.


Constance Kamayonza, the National Unity Platform (NUP) flagbearer for Mitooma district Woman Member of Parliament has asked police in Mitooma to ensure harmony prevail during the campaigns for the 2021 election.

Kamayonza made these remarks during an online interview with Parrotsug where she forewarned security personnel against sidelining with the ruling party candidates against others.

  “I don’t want to think the police in Mitooma will reach the level of their counterparts we see on TV and other media fora working for NRM. Am giving them a benefit of doubt that after EC giving us a final roadmap, they will harmonise our campaigns alongside other parties,” Kamayonza warned.

The race for Mitooma district WMP is between two frontrunners, tha is, Costance Kamayonza – NUP and Juliet Agasha Basisha -NRM. Other contestants include Incumbent Jovah Kamateeka (Indep) who lost to Bashisha in the recently concluded NRM primaries but decided to contest as independent in the general elections and Rabecca Kyarampe, also contesting on the independent ticket.

Mitooma is reknown for conducting bloody elections with security personnel allying with one candidate against the others something that prompted Kamayonza to forewarn them a head of the electoral campaigns.

Despite the ongoing talks in the public domain questioning NUP’s ground structures, Kamayonza is hopeful that the party has got a large follower up both in urban cities and in rural areas.

“NUP strength is that people are slowly beginning to believe in themselves; when u talk to people in trading centres and online you realise people nolonger fear to speak up. This is our capital; people knowing their rights,” she said.

She revealed that she will focus on ending violation of women rights and improving on financial literacy for all persons.

The biggest challenge women are facing is domestic violence, we are the ones that suffer most. Women try to make a living through women savings groups, but the husbands instead use their superiority to torment us. The voice on this isn’t sounding as yet.”

She pledges to fight for education rights of victims of teenage pregnancies and defiled girls.

Kamayonza who believes in a pro people leadership said she will use her campaigning period to give a ray of light to voters on creating awareness on the anti-people policies which ‘their’ NRM leaders have formulated to burden a common person.

She couldn’t hesitate to blame some ruling party leaders in the district for doing a disservice to the voters.

“Hon. Jovah Kamateeka and her colleagues did to us alot disservice. Instead of representing us in parliament, they represented Museveni to us.” Kamayonza said pledging to serve to the interests of Mitooma district voters.

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