Parliament passes prevention and prohibition of Human Sacrifice Bill 2020.


Parliament has passed the Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifice Bill, 2020 which now awaits assent from the President.

Clause 3 of the Private Members Bill states that (1) A person shall not finance another person, directly or indirectly to commit the offence and subsection(1) provides a death sentence to a person who commits the offence.

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga said that the bill is justice for the 12-year-old boy, Joseph Kasirye, who was a victim of human sacrifice by Kato Kajubi.

‘‘I have been asked many times about justice for Kasirye who was a victim of human sacrifice in that case of Kato Kajubi. I think today with the passing of this bill, we can say that we have done just that for him.’’ speaker Kadaga said.

The bill was moved by the Ayivu county Member of Parliament, Bernard Atiku who has consistently told parliament that human sacrifice is a growing concern to law enforcement agencies, parents, child rights activists and the public with a need for stringent penalties.

Other MPs like David Bahati, Baba Diri among others expressed optimism that it will protect children especially the disabled who are a target of human sacrifice.

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