Plight of a menstrual insanitary girl

In this period when activists and several Non- Government Organizations raise up fighting against poor healthy of the nation’s girl- child especially during menstruation periods, agitating for provision of free sanitary towels to school going girls, at The Parrots , we also joined the struggle to bring to you menstrual challenges affecting them through our creatively written poem.

Kindly take a look through this piece. Remember to share and leave a comment after.Copy right reserved to anyone, researchers, activists who attribute and acknowledge to our works.


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Give us sanitary Towels!!!

As we come lamenting,
Lamenting, in grieved voices,
We bring the greater challenges,
The menstrual challenges of girls,
Affecting our lives,
At home, school and workstations,

No sanitary towels to use,
Menses maps our cloths,
Men and boys make fun of us,
Our long built reputation is lost to humiliation,
Give us sanitary tissues, Give us healthcare.

Severe cramps in our stomachs,
Painfully and restlessly,
Missing classes and lectures,
Absent at work and in meetings,
Discriminated and disassociated,
Because we’re unhealthy.

No more hygienic support for girls,
Living in a self-isolated life,
28days of menstrual cycle,
Our hearts starve to pains.
Our performance decline,
And jobs are lost,
Give us sanitary tissues, Give us health respect.

As we come lamenting,
Lamenting, we bring the plight of an insanitary girl,
Like an elephant, use tree leaves as sanitary napkins,
Hard cloths pieces infect us,
Give us sanitary tissues, Give us healthy minds.
By Leonard Kamugisha Akida

About the Poet:

 The poet is a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Mass Communication from Kampala International University, an activist for girl- child education rights and a reknown blogger. He is an administrator at two blogs ie The Parrots and Efura. English and Runyankoke blogsites respectively.

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